Athletic Project

For a project I was doing, I had to have people who could help me achieve this project, so it could be helpful to others. I needed people who had experience in the field of running and what makes people run faster. I followed 10 people on twitter that had some sort of connection to what I am researching. The 10 people I followed were            .  I followed them either because they had a PhD in that area or because they did something related to my topic. 

Few days after following them, I asked them questions about my project and what I need to know. I would ask them questions such as: what type of workouts should someone do to increase their speed? Or what types of shoe should someone wear? How many days a week should people workout? These questions were to help me because I wanted to try the advice they gave me, I wanted to do what they told and add some extra knowledge that I had or learnt from another source and see if it would help me run faster.

Most the people I asked questions to on twitter did not answer my question. The ones that did answer were  and . Even though they replied to me , they did not answer the question I asked them.  told me to go check another twitter account to find the information I was looking for and  did not understand the question I asked him, and he told me to explain my question better and when I did send him another question he did not reply. 

This project taught me another way of getting information related to a future class project that I will have. For anyone trying to reach experienced people on twitter for information, be careful to look at their recent account activities because some of them might have stopped using their twitter, so you will not get any replies back. I hope this blog post taught you something about ways to get more information regarding a topic you are interested in.


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