My favorite of Everything

My favorites, my favorite place to travel to is Canada, I like travelling to Canada but not the flight to Canada. It’s 12 hours and I have a fear of flights. Canada is a quite place, the most amazing thing about that place is that everybody is nice there. But there is one thing I don’t really like about Canada, it’s too quite and too cold.  It is my favorite place to travel to because it has many things to do and it is hard to get bored except if you wanted to play basketball or soccer, because there are rarely people playing.

My favorite break is summer break, during summer break I get to travel to places and relax. After months of homework, project, tests and exams, there is no reason why this break wouldn’t be my favorite.

My favorite food is Spaghetti and meat balls. I like it especially when there is parmesan on top of it.  Spaghetti and meat balls is my favorite because I like pasta mixed with multi flavored meat balls. My favorite TV shows are The Flash and Black-ish. The Flash is very intriguing, it talks about a guy with amazing speed who goes through many problems, but with the help of his friends he overcomes all his obstacles. On the other hand Black-ish, it’s a funny  sereies about a family that encounters or tells a daily life story of a family. Its a funny series.


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