Week 8: Social Networks.

On my devices I have many social network applications. For example I have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat account. It is easy to join those networks, all you have to do is to download them on your device. There are many pros and cons to these social networks. Some cons are that, who ever who wants to follow you and see what you are doing can see, people can sometimes see where you are currently and who your friends are.

There are also many pros to these social networks, they allow to communicate with people everywhere in the world. Your family or friends can keep up with your life/daily life. Through these networks you can meet new people and make new friends.

With these networks you have many responsibilities, you have to show appropriate things, because some people can use it to do you wrong. In many cases universities or jobs look at people’s profiles for more information on who they want.

These social networks is a great way to find jobs and people in your work domain.


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