Using Technology to Solve Problems

Let’s start slow and small, to solve problems we need to find them. In tech class we went over online and offline harassment, flaming and finally Cyberbullying. These are all problems that happen both online and offline, and I have  come with some ideas on how to stop online harassment.  One of the first projects we did in technology class was making a mashup. This consisted of taking videos from the internet and putting split seconds of each video together, people seemed to enjoy that idea. We could use video mashup to make an advertisements showing kids being harassed through technology, in this mashup we will include way to stop these. Websites should also be part of this, they should all include something that a user can use to inform them that they’re being harassed.

Today everybody uses technology so it’s easy to deceive people through it, some people use technology to make someone feel bad, this is called flaming. To stop online flaming, websites should include a program were the user can directly contact the website’s community and have the “flamer” sanctioned. Every website that allows people to communicate, should also include a program, that makes people ask permission before publishing something about another user. For example before I publish a small story about on of my friend, I have to ask that friend’s permission before publishing. That will decrease the amount of harassment and Cyberbullying.