Running Faster

In class we started another Genius hour project , and I decided to make research about ways to run faster. Run faster as in sprinting. I chose this project because at my we are about to start our soccer season. As you may if you follow my blog, I am a big fan of soccer. And in soccer there is a lot of running, and I chose speed as something to rely on.

Throughout the research that I did, I found many key aspects on what can makes people run faster. To start off , you should watch out for your diet, as athletes it is necessary to eat fruits and vegetables everyday. In your daily diet you should also have a source of protein. Another important key to running faster is your running form. It it said that while running you should not move your arms too fast, or else it might slow you down. You should also not run on your heels, it definitely slows you down. You should visit websites to get more information on the proper running form.

To run faster it is essential to increase the muscle in ones body. It will help boost speed if the athlete trying to run faster workouts regularly ,not only focusing on the lower body but also the upper body. To pursue an athletic’s  goal it is sometimes important to keep in the purpose to his/her goal. The reason to why you wan to become a better athlete, this should be a source of motivation. Here are a couple of workout schedules for the arms, legs and abdominal.

While undergoing this project of mine, I ran through some difficulties. It has hard for me to wake up in the morning to work out. Sometimes after school I have extracurricular activities so working out after practice would make me very tired. I learned to be more responsible while doing this project because I had to attend after school activities, sometimes workout and still manage to do all my homework. The positive side to this project is that I can give others tips on how to run faster and also help myself become a better athlete. I hope this blog posts tells you more about me and how to run faster.

Some of the soccer players I like.

Save the Dream at the Match of championsCreative Commons License Save the Dream via Compfight

Round of 16 Champions League. F.C. Barcelona Vs. Manchester City Marc Puig i Perez via Compfight

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empaff. Ronaldinho. 3 December 207. Flickr. 20 January 2017.


Athletic Project

For a project I was doing, I had to have people who could help me achieve this project, so it could be helpful to others. I needed people who had experience in the field of running and what makes people run faster. I followed 10 people on twitter that had some sort of connection to what I am researching. The 10 people I followed were            .  I followed them either because they had a PhD in that area or because they did something related to my topic. 

Few days after following them, I asked them questions about my project and what I need to know. I would ask them questions such as: what type of workouts should someone do to increase their speed? Or what types of shoe should someone wear? How many days a week should people workout? These questions were to help me because I wanted to try the advice they gave me, I wanted to do what they told and add some extra knowledge that I had or learnt from another source and see if it would help me run faster.

Most the people I asked questions to on twitter did not answer my question. The ones that did answer were  and . Even though they replied to me , they did not answer the question I asked them.  told me to go check another twitter account to find the information I was looking for and  did not understand the question I asked him, and he told me to explain my question better and when I did send him another question he did not reply. 

This project taught me another way of getting information related to a future class project that I will have. For anyone trying to reach experienced people on twitter for information, be careful to look at their recent account activities because some of them might have stopped using their twitter, so you will not get any replies back. I hope this blog post taught you something about ways to get more information regarding a topic you are interested in.


My favorite of Everything

My favorites, my favorite place to travel to is Canada, I like travelling to Canada but not the flight to Canada. It’s 12 hours and I have a fear of flights. Canada is a quite place, the most amazing thing about that place is that everybody is nice there. But there is one thing I don’t really like about Canada, it’s too quite and too cold.  It is my favorite place to travel to because it has many things to do and it is hard to get bored except if you wanted to play basketball or soccer, because there are rarely people playing.

My favorite break is summer break, during summer break I get to travel to places and relax. After months of homework, project, tests and exams, there is no reason why this break wouldn’t be my favorite.

My favorite food is Spaghetti and meat balls. I like it especially when there is parmesan on top of it.  Spaghetti and meat balls is my favorite because I like pasta mixed with multi flavored meat balls. My favorite TV shows are The Flash and Black-ish. The Flash is very intriguing, it talks about a guy with amazing speed who goes through many problems, but with the help of his friends he overcomes all his obstacles. On the other hand Black-ish, it’s a funny  sereies about a family that encounters or tells a daily life story of a family. Its a funny series.


Week 8: Social Networks.

On my devices I have many social network applications. For example I have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat account. It is easy to join those networks, all you have to do is to download them on your device. There are many pros and cons to these social networks. Some cons are that, who ever who wants to follow you and see what you are doing can see, people can sometimes see where you are currently and who your friends are.

There are also many pros to these social networks, they allow to communicate with people everywhere in the world. Your family or friends can keep up with your life/daily life. Through these networks you can meet new people and make new friends.

With these networks you have many responsibilities, you have to show appropriate things, because some people can use it to do you wrong. In many cases universities or jobs look at people’s profiles for more information on who they want.

These social networks is a great way to find jobs and people in your work domain.


If I were a Principal for one week what would you do?

If I were a Principal for one day?

I can imagine myself being a principal for a day. I can imagine myself on a hoverboard , giving detentions to students just because I feel like, creating meetings whenever I want and not attending them just to make the teachers mad. I would basically be a childish principal.

In the morning I would visit half the school’s classes to say “hi” to the teacher and students. When I feel bored of reading teachers and parents complains, I will take my hoverboard and hover in the school. If I find a student outside a classroom I will hover rapidly towards him and shout his name hoping that he will get scared and then I will say “how are you?” in a soft voice.

When school is over, I will once again hover on the basketball court and challenge the coach on a 1 vs 1 game, hoping that he agrees. If the coach wins the game he gets fired and I will let him know that before the game starts. That way I will the game and will be loved by the students. This will be my daily routine.

Champions League


Link     fc-barcelona-2014-2015-winners-uefa-champions-league

There is only one team in soccer that I hope wins the Champions League. This team is FC Barcelona. Since I was young I supported this team, they have a unique way of blaming, they also have the best attack in the world.

This year Barcelona lost the Champions League because they were beaten by Atletico Madrid. It was a time of frustration four Barcelona fans, but this year I think we have a great chance of winning.

My First Dunk

My Genius Hour project was about dunking and how to dunk. To be more specific my project was about how I got my first dunk. I made many research about how to dunk, and one thing all the research I made had in common, was that you needed to build more muscle in your lower and upper body. I chose this as my project because I wondered how it felt like to dunk, also because I thought it would give more courage to take on more challenges.

        I learned that in order to dunk, I needed to jump higher. I also had to be consistent in my workout and most importantly eat healthy all the way. This project showed me/proved me that if you take something seriously and are ready to work hard for it, you will succeed. I also learned you had to be very patient for the results to start showing.

What I learned did not really help the world, but it helped me show people how by working hard you can achieve many things. I don’t really know what my next Genius Hour will be, but it is most likely to be something related to sports. This is because this year I plan on winning  Waisal banner.